amadeus insurance campaign



Adding a window full of cotton to our «pillow box» gives this direct mail piece an «extra» chance to stand out of the crowd. You can literally touch the sky. This is a funny link to the key message of the campaign — Peace of mind in only three clicks.


Amadeus is an online reservation platform for Travel Agencies.


They have asked De Visu to find an original way to promote their new insurance product

which is included directly in their reservation platform. The main idea is that when you book a trip on their platform, 

booking an insurance in the same time becomes really easy. Benefits for users: everything in one order for a customer and not different contracts and reservation numbers. So that provides «Peace of mind» for the reservation agent in only three clicks


Managed by Amadeus, the whole launching campaign has been supported by De Visu’s ideas and visual expertise in Advertising, Packaging, Mailing campaigns and digital communication such as e-mailings, web banners...


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